Commercial Vehicles

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The following are products intended for the most diverse applications. The majority of these diesel engines are used in trucks, in agricultural machines and in construction vehicles, with applicative needs and operating parameters which are completely different.

The technical diversification and the requirements connected to the containment of pollutant emissions have required the development of extremely sophisticated products in the last few years; alongside these, there are products with standard performance profiles that are necessary to ensure contained maintenance costs for the older and less sophisticated vehicles.


eni i-Sigma special TMS 10W-40 eni i-Sigma top MS 15W-40 eni i-Sigma top MS 10W-40 eni i-Sigma top MS 10W-30 eni i-Sigma top MS 5W-30 eni i-Sigma top 10W-40 eni i-Sigma top 5W-30 eni i-Sigma performance E7 15W-40 eni i-Sigma performance E4 10W-40 eni i-Sigma performance E3 15W-40 eni i-Sigma universal DL 15W-40 eni i-Sigma universal 15W-40 eni i-Sigma universal 10W-40 eni i-Sigma special M 10W-40 eni i-Sigma monograde 10W-20 eni i-Sigma monograde 30 eni i-Sigma monograde 40 eni i-Sigma monograde 50 eni Multitech 10W-30 eni Multitech 10W-40 eni Multitech 15W-40

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